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Delivering to Verizon

Verizon handles mail for a number of domains, including and is the corporate domain and for employee use. is the commercial domain and for use by customers. The information in this article primarily related to delivery at

Important links and references

Postmaster pages

Verizon doesn't have specific postmaster pages, but does provide some help on their general support pages.

Feedback loop

Verizon does not provide a FBL.


Verizon does offer a whitelist. When signing up for the whitelist, Verizon does not confirm that a particular IP address has been added. Instead, their reply to whitelist requests states that "the request you've submitted is not being blocked." This should be interpreted to mean that the IP address submitted has been added to the whitelist.

Certification Services

Verizon supports Goodmail and Return Path Certified. It is not known to use any blocklist services.

Support for Senders

Verizon does not provide support for senders.

Known spamfilters


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