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Welcome to the Word to the Wise Delivery Wiki

This is a repository of the public information that contributors know about email delivery, including the social issues, technical issues and policy issues. Most of the information here is what I've collected through years of handling delivery. Wherever possible sources for the information are noted.

Some useful starting points:

Adding and Updating Information

Anyone is welcome to create pages or add information. We do ask that if you are going to edit or create a large number of pages, please register for an account. Due to ongoing wiki spam problems, we have disabled anonymous edits or page creation.

To create an ISP page, please see Help:Creating an ISP Page

When adding pages, please be polite. Examples of being polite:

  • Adding public contact information (role accounts, website links, etc) for ISPs
  • Adding public contact information for spam filtering companies
  • Adding your personal knowledge about a topic
  • Correcting incorrect facts on a topic
  • Adding a new topic
  • Providing feedback on a topic
  • Sharing personal experiences with ISPs or filtering companies

Examples of being impolite:

  • Posting private emails without permission
  • Posting information from private or confidential sources
  • Posting direct contact information for anyone other than yourself, including escalation contacts at ISPs or filtering companies.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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