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To create an information page for an ISP, please use the following structure.


== Delivering to {{PAGENAME}} ==

== Important links and references ==

=== Postmaster pages ===

=== Feedback loop ===

=== Whitelist ===

=== Certification Services ===

=== Support for Senders ===

== Known spamfilters ==

== Notes ==

Please do not put any personal contact information on the page. If you are an ISP Representative and would like to publish escalation contact information for your ISP, please contact Laura about how to go about it. If you are an ISP Representative and find your data published, feel free to delete it and contact Laura so I can ban the user who put it up there.

The ISP Summary Information page is dynamically generated from the individual ISP pages. To tag information in the article use the format:

<section begin="sectionvariable"/>
<section end="sectionvariable"/>

Defined variables are currently:

  • postmastersite - link to the ISPs main postmaster site
  • fblsignup - link to the ISPs FBL signup site
  • wlsignup - link to the ISPs Whitelist signup site (may need to give special symbol for ISPs using SSC or Goodmail)
  • ss - link to sender support pages
  • connlimit - connection limits
  • sendlimit - sending limits
  • cwl - whitelists or certification services used by the ISP
  • blocklist - public blocklists known to be used by the ISP


<section begin="postmastersite"/>[[http://postmastersiteURL/ Postmaster site]]<section end="postmastersite"/>
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